Componentes Ópticos

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Leyes de lentes e instrumentos ópticos


The focal lengths of unknown lenses are determined by measuring the distances of image and object and by Bessel's method. Simple optical instruments are then constructed with these lenses.


  1. To determine the focal length of two unknown convex lenses ...

Num.Producto: P2210200

Interferencias en placa de mica (según Pohl)


Monochromatic light falls on a plane parallel mica plate. The light rays, reflected at the front surface as well as at the rear surface, will interfere to form a pattern of concentric rings. The radii of the rings depend on the geometry of the experimental setup, the thickness of the ...


Num.Producto: P2220300

Ley de Malus


Linear polarised light passes through a polarisation filter. Transmitted light intensity is determined as a function of the angular position of the polarisation filter.


  1. The plane of polarisation of a linear polarised laser beam is to be determined.
  2. The ...

Num.Producto: P2250400

Polarimetría en Placa Óptica


Optically active substances cause very slight rotations of the light polarisation plan, which the method of crossed polarisation filters is not strong enough to measure. With this method, the direction of polarisation of the analyser is perpendicular to that of the polarizer. If ...


Num.Producto: P2250505

X-ray expert unit

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PHYWE presenta la nueva unidad de rayos X: tecnología innovadora, máxima seguridad y comodidad.

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