Transporte de Calor

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Coeficiente de conducción de calor de metales


One end of a U-shaped metal rod is immersed in boiling water and the other in cold water. From the warming of the cold water qualitative and quantitative statements can be made about the influence of the rod's composition, length and diameter on the heat flow through it. Since ...



Num.Producto: P1043200

Absorción de radiación térmica


A polished and a black beaker are heated by radiation. Instead of solar radiation a bright flame located in front of the two beakers is used.
Both beakers are filled with air since the heat capacity of water is very large and it would be too slowly heated.


  • Real ...


Num.Producto: P1043500

Ley de radiación de Stefan-Boltzmann


According of Stefan-Boltzmann's law, the energy emitted by a black body per unit area and unit time is proportional to the power "four" of the absolute temperature of the body. Stefan-Boltzmann's law is also valid for a so-called "grey" body whose surface shows a ...


Num.Producto: P2350101

Conductividad térmica de metales


En un gradiente constante de temperatura se determina la conductividad térmica del cobre y del aluminio en función del flujo de calor medido por medio de un calorímetro.


Num.Producto: P2350201

Capacidad de emisión de cuerpos calientes

  • Simple set-up
  • Affordable experiment
  • For both demonstration and student experiments

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X-ray expert unit

Este producto es un mundo primero

PHYWE presenta la nueva unidad de rayos X: tecnología innovadora, máxima seguridad y comodidad.

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