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Detección de quinina en tónico


Chinine is the main alkaloid of the bark of the Chinabaum. It has a typical, bitter taste and is hardly soluble in water, but soluble in alcohol, ether and chloroform

In this experiment, chinine is extracted from tonic water with an organic solvent and detected by its fluorescence ...


Num.Producto: P1259800

Estudio del agua potable con Cobra4


This experiment shows how much the quality of drinking water of various locations in the same region can vary. The comparison of tap water with bottled mineral water and distilled water leads to surprising results.


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Num.Producto: P1520062

Estudio del agua potable con SMARTsense


Num.Producto: P1520069

X-ray expert unit

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PHYWE presenta la nueva unidad de rayos X: tecnología innovadora, máxima seguridad y comodidad.

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