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Barrera fotoeléctrica compacta

Function and Applications

Universal fork-type light barrier to measure short and long shadowing periods.


  • An incremental wheel with a string groove which can be attached to the fork of the light barrier allows to measure paths by counting the ribs of the incremental

Num.Producto: 11207-20


Function and Applications

The complete set to measure the light velocity in air, transparent liquids and solids.

Equipment and Technical Data

Consists of 1 x  light velocity measuring apparatus, 1 x retroreflector with stem, 1 x power supply 12 V/ 2 A, 1 x slide mount for optical ...


Num.Producto: 11226-88

Cobra4 hand-held pressure and temperature measuring instrument, Cobra4 Mobile-Link


Num.Producto: 12736-01

Cobra4 Mobile Link, pH/Potencial/Temperatura

Function and Applications

A combination of the Cobra4-Mobile-Link unit with the Cobra4 Chemistry sensor unit containing a pH sensor and 2 x NiCr-Ni thermocouples is ideal for the measurement of pH values, potentials and up to 2 temperatures simultaneously.


Cobra4 Mobile-Link is ...


Num.Producto: 12739-01

X-ray expert unit

Este producto es un mundo primero

PHYWE presenta la nueva unidad de rayos X: tecnología innovadora, máxima seguridad y comodidad.

Contacto PHYWE

PHYWE Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
Robert-Bosch-Breite 10
D-37079 Göttingen

T. +49 (0) 551 604-0
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