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When the sound wave of a sound propagates in air, this wave causes all of the air particles that it reaches to oscillate. If the sound is generated continuously, all of the particles are constantly in motion. In this experiment, the students observe the generation of standing waves in a glass tube at certain frequencies. They measure the positions of the nodes and antinodes. In the evaluation part, they work out the conditions for the natural frequencies of a hollow body.


  • Experiment is part of an experiment set with a total of 22 experiments about generation, propagation and perception of sound, oscillations and waves
  • Particularly appropriate as an experiment for first contact with physics in general
  • With graphic student worksheets
  • With detailed instructor information
  • Optimized for tight schedules, i.e. minimum preparation time required


During this experiment, examine how there can be places in a hollow body where no sound can be heard in spite of a continuous generation of sound. A case like this, when the air particles obviously do no longer oscillate in some places, i.e. when they "stand", is also referred to as a standing wave. Observe the sound propagation without a hollow body. Produce a standing wave in a hollow body (glass tube). Examine the conditions under which standing waves occur.

What you can learn about

  • Standing waves
  • Node
  • Antinode
  • Natural frequency
  • Hollow body


Lista de material (extracto) Producto Cantidad
SOFTWARE "Measure Acoustics", licencia para 1 computadora 14441-61 1
Soporte angular de metal para tubo de vidrio o.d. = 44 mm 13289-16 2
Tubo de vidrio, de= 44 mm, l=340 mm 13289-20 1
Cinta métrica, l = 2 m 09936-00 1
Vaso de precipitación, plástico, forma baja, 100ml 36011-01 1

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Handbuch Schülerversuche Akustik, TESS advanced Physik 13289-01 DEU
TESS advanced Applied Sciences Manual Acoustics 13289-02 ENG
Schülerversuche Akustik 2, Gerätesatz TESS advanced Physik AE-2 15321-88

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Product No: P6011300

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