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Module A: Laserdiode module DIMO 100 is mounted into the XY-adjustment holder. The adjustment holder allows the sensitive adjustment of the laser in the x and y direction to ensure the correct directional orientation with regard to the optical axis of the setup. The module contains a laser diode with an output power of 30 mW at a wave length of 820 nm (wave length is subject to certain deviations within the range of ± 5 nm ). The integrated Peltier element allows temperature control in the rangeof 15 to 40 °C by means of the control unit LDC-01.

Module B: Microscope objective screwed into a mounting plate on a carrier collimates the laser diode radiation.

Module C: Optics for coupling the laser diode radiation into fibre. The microscope objective can be adjusted in the directions x and y and in two orthogonal angles.

Module D: Fibre holder. The fibre is put into the groove of the holder and fixed in its position by means of a magnet. The fibre holder is mounted on translation stage to enable a precise adjustment of the fibre position with respect to the focused laser diode beam.

Module E: Hinged joint angle connector onto which the second fibre holder has been screwed for angle resolved measurements, for example the numerical aperture of the fibre or the intensity distribution of the laser diode.

Module F: 100 m monomode fibre with a core diameter of 5 µm.

Module G: PIN-Si photo diode mounted in a housing with click mechanism and BNC socket. Mounting plate on a carrier.

Module H: Laser diode controller providing all voltage and currents needed for the safe use of the laser diode and the Peltier-cooler. Built-in amplifier for Module G and modulator for the injection current of the laser diode.

Comprehensive manual included.

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Product No: 08662-93

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