Funcionamiento de electroscopio

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The pupils should recognize

  • that one can demonstrate electrical charging with an electroscope but that the type of charge is not revealed,
  • that from the extent of pointer swing the strength of the charge can be inferred,
  • that using a known polarity of charge on the electroscope the type of charge of a test body can be determined,
  • that one can discharge the electroscope by touching with the hand.


  • Quick and easy experiment for qualitatively understanding of electrostatic phenomena


What does an electroscope indicate? Investigate how an electroscope reacts when you touch it with an electrically-charged object and then, afterwards with the hand.

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interTESS DVD Physik 01050-00
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TESS advanced Physics manual Electrostatics 01163-02 ENG
TESS advanced Física manual Electrostatica 01163-04 ESP
Schülerversuche Elektrostatik, Gerätesatz TESS advanced Physik EST 15240-88

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Product No: P1084400

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