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When electric motors with a higher performance are required, they are generally constructed with electromagnets instead of permanent magnets, as above all these can generate stronger magnetic fields. In a main circuit motor, the armature coil and the field coil are connected in series.
The experiments are so designed, that they only provide qualitative or semi-quantitative results.


  • No additional cable connections between the building blocks needed - clear arragned and quick setup
  • Contact saftey due to puzzle blocks system
  • Corrosion-free gold plated contacts
  • Doubled earning sucess: Electric circuit diagram on top, real components can be seen unterside


What are the characteristics of main circuit motors?

Assemble a model of an electric motor in which the permanent magnet is replaced by an electromagnet, and use it to examine which the characteristics of the motor are when the coil of the stator and the rotor are connected in series.

Lista de material (extracto) Producto Cantidad
PHYWE Fuente de poder DC: 0...12 V, 2 A / AC: 6 V, 12 V, 5 A 13506-93 1
Multímetro analógico 07028-01 1
Núcleo en forma de U 07832-00 1
Bobina, 400 espiras 07829-01 2
Interruptor, módulo SB 05602-01 1
Módulo de conector interrumpido, SB 05601-04 2
Adaptador, módulo SB 05601-10 2
Módulo de conector angulado, SB 05601-02 3
Cable de conexión, 32 A, 250 mm, rojo 07360-01 2
Cable de conexión, 32 A, 250 mm, azul 07360-04 2
Cable de conexión, 32 A, 500 mm, rojo 07361-01 2
Cable de conexión, 32 A, 500 mm, azul 07361-04 2

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Handbuch Schülerversuche Elektrik/Elektronik Baustein-System 1 und 2, TESS advanced Physik 01006-01 DEU
TESS advanced Physics manual Electric/Electronic with Building Block System 1 and 2 01006-02 ENG
TESS advanced Física manual Electricidad/Electrónica con el Sistema de Módulo 01006-04 ESP
interTESS DVD Physik 01050-00
interTESS DVD Physik, Elektrik / Elektronik 01054-00
interTESS DVD, vollständige Version mit allen Versuchen Physik, Chemie, Biologie, Applied Sciences 01100-00
Schülerversuche Elektrik/Elektronik-Baustein-System 2, Ergänzungssatz Elektromagnetismus und Induktion, 15266-88

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Product No: P1376300

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