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In this experiment, the students should examine the effect filter capacitors and filter sections have on the direct and alternating current portions of a pulsating direct current. Since oscilloscopes are generally not used in student experiments, the students must note the brightness of the filament lamp used as a load resistor to determine how large the direct voltage portion is.

They can compare hum voltage based on the volume of the humming in the headphones. Furthermore, they can measure with the meter how much of it is alternating voltage. A capacitor is connected in front of the meter to filter out the direct voltage. Since the minimum alternating voltage measurement range of 10 V is too insensitive, we suggest to use a more sensitive alternating current measurement range of 30 mA.


  • No additional cable connections between the building blocks needed - clear arragned and quick setup
  • Contact saftey due to puzzle blocks system
  • Corrosion-free gold plated contacts
  • Doubled earning sucess: Electric circuit diagram on top, real components can be seen unterside


How can pulsating direct current be transformed into smooth direct current?

Using capacitors and coils, try to reduce the ripple of a pulsating direct current produced by rectification as much as possible.


Lista de material (extracto) Producto Cantidad
PHYWE Fuente de poder DC: 0...12 V, 2 A / AC: 6 V, 12 V, 5 A 13506-93 1
Multímetro analógico 07028-01 1
Núcleo en forma de U 07832-00 1
Bobina, 400 espiras 07829-01 1
Interruptor, módulo SB 05602-01 1
Bridge rectifier,module SB 05655-00 1
Enchufe para lámpara incandescente, E10 05604-00 1
Yugo 07833-00 1
Módulo de conector interrumpido, SB 05601-04 2
Adaptador, módulo SB 05601-10 2
Connector en ángulo con zócalo, módulo SB 05601-12 2
Módulo de conector directo, SB 05601-01 4
Módulo de conector angulado, SB 05601-02 2
Connector,T-shaped,module SB 05601-03 4
Connector, recto con zócalo, mod. SB 05601-11 2
Condensador (ELKO),0.047 mF,mod. SB 05645-47 1
Condensador, 100 mikroF,module SB 05646-10 1
Condensador (ELKO),0.47 mF,module SB 05646-47 1
Bombilla 12V/0,1A, E 10, 10 pzs. 07505-03 1
Tornillo de sujeción 07834-00 1
Cable de conexión, 32 A, 250 mm, rojo 07360-01 2
Cable de conexión, 32 A, 250 mm, azul 07360-04 2
Cable de conexión, 32 A, 500 mm, rojo 07361-01 2
Cable de conexión, 32 A, 500 mm, azul 07361-04 2

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Handbuch Schülerversuche Elektrik/Elektronik Baustein-System 1 und 2, TESS advanced Physik 01006-01 DEU
TESS advanced Physics manual Electric/Electronic with Building Block System 1 and 2 01006-02 ENG
TESS advanced Física manual Electricidad/Electrónica con el Sistema de Módulo 01006-04 ESP
interTESS DVD Physik 01050-00
interTESS DVD Physik, Elektrik / Elektronik 01054-00
interTESS DVD, vollständige Version mit allen Versuchen Physik, Chemie, Biologie, Applied Sciences 01100-00
Schülerversuche Elektrik/Elektronik-Baustein-System 3 , Ergänzungssatz Elektronik, TESS advanced Physik EB-TRO 15267-88

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