Movimiento rectilíneo uniforme con Timer 2-1

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The pupils should develop the notion of linear uniform motion experimentally, by deriving the speed of the powered car from the measurement of the distance and time. The experiment should be carried out with different distances and car speeds.

From the measurement values obtained the pupils should recognize that the speed within the distances measured in these experiments is constant and that therefore the term "uniform" applies to them.


What does the term "speed" mean?

Motion means that a body changes position in space. This change requires a certain amount of time. A position is determined by the indication of distances or lengths.

Measure the time which a car needs to cover a given distance if it moves evenly.

Let the car move faster and determine again the distance and the time.

Express in grafic form the principles which have been established.

Speed is measured by determining the distance and time associated with a motion.


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Medidor de tiempo 2-1 13607-99 1
Carrito con accionamiento 11061-00 1
Barrera fotoeléctrica compacta 11207-20 2
PISTA, L 900MM 11606-00 1
Placa para el carrito de accionamiento 11061-03 1
Adapter plate for Light barrier compact 11207-22 2
CABLE DE CONEX., 32 A, 1000 mm, ROJO 07363-01 2
CABLE DE CONEX., 32 A, 1000 mm, AMARILLO 07363-02 2
CABLE DE CONEX., 32 A, 1000 mm, AZUL 07363-04 2

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interTESS DVD Physik 01050-00
interTESS DVD Physik, Mechanik 01051-00
interTESS DVD, vollständige Version mit allen Versuchen Physik, Chemie, Biologie, Applied Sciences 01100-00
Handbuch Schülerversuche Mechanik 6, mit dem Timer 2-1, TESS advanced Physik 01159-11 DEU
TESS advanced Mechanik ME-DYN optionales Zubehör für 1 Gruppe 13453-88

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Product No: P1003505

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