Experimentos de laboratorio, aplicación de los ultrasonidos en medicina, en ciencias de los material

Num.Producto: 01232-02

Function and Applications

19 detailed experiment guides.

What you can learn about

  • medical diagnostics
    • echography / mammosonography
    • echography / ultra sonic biometry
    • echo-cardiography
    • Doppler-sonography
    • ultrasonic computerized tomography (CT)


  • material sciences / physics
    • A-scan, B-scan
    • velocity and attenuation of ultrasound in solid state material
    • Shear waves
    • Focus zone, resolution power
    • non-destructive testing (NDT) (Detection of discontinuities, angle beam measurement, Time of flight diffraction (TOFD))
    • mechanical scan methods, ultrasonic computerized tomography (CT)


  • fluid dynamics
    • Laws of flow, flow measurements
    • Level measurement

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Experimental guides with clearly structured learning objectives, fundamental principles, photo of the set-up, equipment list, tasks, illustrated instructions concerning the set-up and procedure, theory and evaluation with example results plus important notes concerning the operation and safety of the equipment. In most cases no other background information is required.
  • Detailed table of content for quick orientation
  • DIN A4 format, spiral-bound, colour print, 200 pages
  • incl. operating manuals
  • Experiment guides in English 

Idioma de la documentación: ENG

Esta documentación contiene los siguientes experimentos

Título Producto
Velocidad del sonido en sólidos P5160100
Ecografía con ultrasonido (A-Scan) P5160200
Ecografía por ultrasonidos (B-Scan) P5160300
Detección de discontinuidades P5160600
Tomografía computarizada ultrasónica P5161200
Exámenes con ultrasonido en un modelo de seno P5950300

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Product No: 01232-02

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