Tomografía computarizada - CT

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The CT principle is demonstrated with the aid of simple objects. In the case of very simple targets, only a few images need to be taken in order to achieve a good result. The more complicated the objects are, the more images are necessary in order to show all the details. In addition, special samples are used to demonstrate how artefacts are generated and what causes beam hardening.


  1. Record a CT scan of the simple objects. While doing so, vary the number of steps.
  2. Record a CT scan of the metal samples and analyse the result in view of beam hardening.

Related topics

  • Beam hardening
  • Artefacts
  • Algorithms

Lista de material (extracto) Producto Cantidad
XRCT 4.0 X-ray Set d.Extens.Tomografia Computariz. c.Rayos X 09180-88 1
XRE 4.0 Paquete base de rayos X: expert set 09110-88 1

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Product No: P2550100

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