Cobra4 Sensor de electrofisiología: ECG, EMG, EOG

Num.Producto: 12673-00

Function and Applications

To perform electrophysiological, noninvasive measurements of heart, eye, and muscle activities using the Cobra4 Wirless-Link,the Cobra4 USB-Link or the Cobra4 Junior-Link.


  • Multipurpose-sensor: measure ECG, EMG or EOG.
  • Self-explanatory pictogram on the sensor yields intuitiv handling of the device.

Equipment and technical data

  • this Cobra4 Sensor-Unit can be connected to one of the following measurement recording instruments for the transmittance of measured values to it:
    • to Cobra4 Wireless-Link (12601-00) for wireless transmittance of data to a computer.
    • to Cobra4 USB-Link (12610-00) for data transmittance to a computer via a USB-cable.
    • to Cobra4 Junior-Link (12615-00) for data transmittance between Sensor-Unit and a computer.
  • Measurement mode: permanent measurement
  • Requires measurement cords and ECG and/or EMG/EOG electrodes.
  • Operation with three separate and shielded measurement cords
  • Maximum data through put: 1000 Hz
  • Signal filter:
  1. ECG filter: 0.03 Hz to 20 Hz with 450-fold magnification
  2. EMG filter: 80 Hz to 5000 Hz with 1600-fold magnification
  3. EOG filter: 0.03 Hz to 10 Hz with 800-fold magnification
  • Galvanic separation with 4000 V
  • Dimensions: 62 mm x 110 mm x 35 mm
  • Weight: 0.3 kg

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Product No: 12673-00

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